MW 2 Hack Real Life

July 1st, 2012

MW 2 Hack

We have the best MW2 Hack in the world and nobody else can touch us inside the game. You can setup your cheat to kill everyone and never die or look like the best player in the world and nobody will ever know your cheating, it’s your call. We have gone up against other users in MW2 using hacks from other sites and we beat them every single time. We have the best MW 2 Hack coder in the world and our hack was released the first day the game went live, you may have seen us on tv or the news. As always download our MW2 Hack at

mw2hackkills MW 2 Hack Real Life

MW2 Hack – Smiley Time

August 5th, 2010

Razor updated his MW2 Hack yet again with more new features! This time he has added smiley faces to the enemy in game as well as skeleton bones. When the enemy is behind a wall or not visible for killing they look the the picture below. It’s very funny and so much fun to use in game. Like all of our MW2 Hack options this can of course be turned on or off at anytime during cheating. I also included a new image showing off the new hack menu, enjoy. As always download now only at

mw2hacksmiley MW2 Hack   Smiley Time

MW 2 Hack – Fixed Match Making Server Issue
We have some great news for all you Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Hacks addicts out there. All hack sites were having a problem where the match making server would not find any games except for hacked servers. Up until now nobody could fix the problem but we are the first. Razor just fixed it so now you find every single server and not just a few! Currently we are the only hack site in the world that has fixed this issue. While using other hacks for MW2 you will only get put into the hacker servers, our hack will get you into all the servers. Check out the awesome video below and see why no other hack site can touch us. Also check out the test screenshots showing we got enough kills for end round nukes and no deaths, yes our MW2 Hack rocks! DOWNLOAD NOW – CLICK HERE

Modern Warfare 2 Hack Updated to Rage!
Razor also updated his hack again and it will beat any other Modern Warfare 2 Hack out and we guarantee it! We went up against other hack sites ingame and none of them can touch us! We beat the other hack coders in every match and they were not even close to beating our score. Our hack is dead on accurate and we guarantee you that you won’t be beat. DOWNLOAD MW2 HACK NOW – CLICK

mw2hacks MW 2 Hack   Huge News Update!

Another MW2 Hack Video!

June 11th, 2010

Our MW2 Hack is so good people keep making new videos daily! Check out the hack below in the video and watch how long the user plays without getting killed. Our MW2 Hack comes with 50+ features including Aimbot, Mouse Menu ingame and so much more. The cheat even allows you to fire through walls and kill players. Our coder is the best coder for MW2 Hacks and he had the first hack released only 4 hours after the game went online. We have had no detections in the past 14 months! Join now by Clicking Here.

MW2 Hacks VAC Disabler!

June 3rd, 2010

Our MW2 Hacks now come with a VAC disabler so you don’t need to worry about detections! Currently we have had no bans on with out COD MW2 Hacks in over 19 months. Check around and you will see all other cheat sites still get detected almost weekly. If you want to join the best community and get the fastest aimbot for Modern Warfare 2 then Join now by Clicking Here.

mw2undetected MW2 Hacks VAC Disabler!

MW2 Hacks Video

June 3rd, 2010

Kief just made a new MW2 Hacks video showing why our COD MW2 Hacks are the best in the world and it’s been viewed almost half a million times by people looking to learn how to cheat in Modern Warfare 2! Check out the action in the video below, his raging simply rocks. You can download this hack as well as 4 other Call of Duty hacks just by becoming a site subscriber at once you become a new VIP you can instantly download our cheat loader without having to wait. You start the cheat and then the game and setup all your features on the fly inside Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. You can rage kill the entire team or look like your playing legit. Sign up now and become a new VIP with 250,000 other online user.

R4z8r has just updated our Modern Warfare 2 Hacks to use a new ingame mouse menu. This menu now allows you to change the full hack and aimbot settings by using your mouse instead of the keyboard. Unlike other MW2 Hack that have the same setup menu with sloppy controls or mouse menu is smooth and fluent. In-case you didn’t already know our MW2 Hacks are the #1 rated hacks in the world, we have been featured on MTV News, CNN and 1000 other websites. is the first website to introduce hacks to the game and we are still the best hacks to use on the Internet. We currently have not been detected in over 18 months, while other sites get detected weekly. Check out the new ingame menu below and Join now to download the Modern Warfare 2 Hacks for free. The other great news is our cheat comes with 5 other free hacks for you to use. We have the largest online network of users in the world for all COD related games.

mw2hack Modern Warfare 2 Hacks Updated at

COD MW2 Aimbot

November 22nd, 2009

Our COD MW2 Aimbot is already available to download for anyone who has VIP access. We have the #1 rated aimbot in the world. Our aimbot was featured all over the world (seen below on MTV news) as the first aimbot released for CODMW2 only 2 hours after the game was released to the public. Only at where we have over 250 thousand site subscribers and we have been featured around the world for the most advanced cheat on the planet. If you want to rank up fast and unlock all your weapons, kill the entire enemy team and win every round please sign up right now.

news11 COD MW2 Aimbot

MW2 Hack Footage

September 12th, 2009

The first ever MW2 Hack has been released only 12 short hours after the game went live to the public. You can get VIP access now simply by going to our website at and becoming a VIP for our Modern Warfare 2 Cheats sub. See how good our MW2 Hack really is, check out the video below and watch the aimbot action to see how the auto bot will lock onto the enemy head and take them down instantly. Our aim system is so fast that the enemy can’t kill you at all during any round if you want to rage kill the entire server.

MW 2 Hack Features

September 12th, 2009

Our MW 2 Hack is online at - Our coder already has his hack base built and we will had the first ever MW 2 Hack released to the public. Below is the feature list developed for our hacks. Please keep coming back to check out progress and release information. Also view the rest of our site and check out full videos and screens.


Aim on key/full autoaim
Aimthruwalls (kill enemies thru walls)
Location prediction (much better than other bots)
Bullet correction
No recoil
Priority system for target selection
Auto shooter
Grenade aimbot
Aim lock
Vector/Tag support
Humanised aiming
Random aiming
Ignore/Enemy lists

Player names
Player distance
Player weapon
Player health
Class icon ESP
Grenade/trapmines icon ESP incl. timer
Bounding boxes
Playerstate indicator (Zoomed, moving)

Threat warning
Kill stats
Grenade trace & prediction
Sniper scope removal
No Shellshock/no flashbang/no fog
3D radar/direction indicator
Multikill/headshot messages (with icons!!)

Auto vote/kick
Auto name change
Auto grenade throwback

Colored models
Chams, colors customizable

Aequitas/CAL/ANY anticheat
Cvar unlocker
Winamp spammer
Instant level up to 55
Config autosave/load (also by menu)
Multi-Mod support (works on any COD4 version, e.g. PAM)
Easy Setup

Multikill sounds
Spree sounds

Console spammer (frags, winamp)
Custom killspam

Stealth hooking
Cvar hide
Clean screenshots
Enhanced PB protection
Dynamic polymorphism (beat PB signature scans

See players thru walls